Useful Guides

Travelling by road in America

We live in a rather large country with a great network of roads that links major highways to the tiny back roads that can lead to the most amazing places.
Here are some American travel guides for road trip enthusiasts.

3 Travel guides for the enthusiastic road tripper:

#1           50 States, 5000 Ideas
Written by:  National Geographic and Joe Yogerst
This book is beautifully illustrated, with well-marked sites, landscapes, parks, accommodation and even the odd dude ranch or two.
It includes popular places plus some less documented ones and each point of interest has clear concise directions to get you there without having to stop for directions.
It also includes some of the Canadian territories and provinces to explore.

#2           Road Trip Planner
Written by: smart bookx
Whether you are an avid road trip planner that needs everything in order months in advance or one that leaves it all the last minute.This handy planner is great to help with the details and ensure your trip goes as smoothly as possible with the added bonus of a photographic diary section in order to create the perfect road trip album from the planning to the trip.
Complete with five appendices for:

  • Checklists, including preparation, packing and special requirements
  • Temperature data with includes that for a lot of American, European and a lot of other world cities
  • Maps
  • Emergency travel quiz and guide
  • Accommodation bookings information

#3           Roadfood, 10th Edition
Written by: Jane Stern and Michael Stern
This is “An Easter’s guide to More than 1000 of the Best Local Hots Spots” This book was first written in 1977 and was an instant success, now 40 years later the book has been updated by Jane and Michael Stern to include over 200 new listings and has been completely redesigned and modernized to suit today’s travelers.
The book has great directions to each of the places along the way and describes what is being served there.It lists some of the best diners, steakhouses, lobster shacks, ice-cream parlors and even a hot-dog-stand or two.
This is a book that every road tripper should carry with them on their travels.


There is no better way to see a country than by road.  Always ensure you have familiarized yourself with the various speed restrictions, road safety requirements and laws of the places you are visiting before you set off to avoid hefty fines and penalties that could ruin your perfect vacation.