Car Magazines

Car Magazines are a handy source of information for both new and older vehicles on sale or about to be released on the market.  They include things like the cost of the vehicle, running costs, petrol consumption, emissions, top speeds, safety ratings and the various tests the cars have been put through, etc.

Here is our list of 5 useful car magazines for all the best car reviews:

#1           Motor Trend
This magazines articles may only feature the most modern and trendsetting vehicles but it does with an outstanding attention to detail and hard-hitting facts that other sources covering automobiles tend to skip over, leave out or overlook.
Being one of the most widely recognized publications it can be found in most stores and has a really great website.

#5           Automobile
This is a US-based magazine that is circulated worldwide and comes highly recommended by most car enthusiasts.  Well worth a read and or flip through their website for a real-time look at the reviewed vehicles.

#3           TopGear
This magazine mainly covers your luxury sports cars and or supercars.  It also seeks out the rarest of gems and classics around the world.  Their website is well designed and up to date.

#4           AutoWeek
This is a motorsports magazine that begun as a bi-weekly newsletter and has developed into a magazine full of up to date news, reviews and information on various car models and the world of racing.  Take a look at their website for the latest racing news.

#5           Road and Track
This is one of America’s top car magazine which highlights all the latest vehicles on the road and track.  It documents the various road tests and gives well written and informative reviews of each model.  The well-laid website is well worth a look.


One of the best ways to test any car is to actually rent it for 2 days to a week or even take it on a road trip.  That way you get to test the vehicle’s capabilities with the peace of mind that if anything goes wrong you have all the back up of the car rental company and if you really do not like the vehicle at least you get to hand it back once the rental period is over.  Some rental companies even offer you the facility to swap out the vehicle should it not suit you.