5 Sports cars that everyone will want in 2018!

Indulge in the power of sporty engines as you roar down the road.

Every car racing enthusiast dreams of flying down the motorway at the helm of their dream sports car.  Listening to the music of the engine and feeling the thrill of the ride.

5 Sports cars bound to make you want one in 2018

#1           2018 Ford Mustang

Built for pure motoring indulgence the new Mustang is designed around the owner in the look and feel of the interior to the choice of bold sporting exterior colors.
With selectable driving modes that make it easy to control your drive settings to suit the driving environment, this car makes cruising in the city to flying down a motorway effortless.
Seating 4 adults quite comfortably.It has a 5.0L V8 engine with a top speed of 163 mph and 475 horsepower and it comes in a few distinguishing colors.

#2           Chevrolet Camaro ZL1

The low slung rugged sports lines of the Camaro come with a few color options and fully kitted out cockpit sporting all the latest hi-tech gadgets.
There are a few models to choose from like the LS/LT or the 2LT with a 2.0-liter 275 Horsepower turbocharged engine or the 3.6L V6 335 Horsepower.
Comfortable seats, with front heated and ventilated seats, dual climate control and a standard 8-inch diagonal color display that is touch-screen.
The Camaro boasts of earning 10 Best cars awards for 2018.

#3           The Ford GT

With its classic low slung chiselled racing car good looks of its carbon-fibre body, 3.5-liter EcoBoost V6 Engine delivering 647 horsepower this is one super light, strong and powerful car you are going to want to get behind the wheel of.
Coming straight off the Le Mans track victorious once again after a 50 years absence the GT is the sports car to look out for.

#4           Honda Acura NSX

The Acura NSX has a sculpted body designed perfectly to enhance performance whilst still keeping a touch of the Honda lineage and 10 functional intakes to provide perfect aerodynamics and air cooling.

The interior is designed to fit around the passengers and drivers body like a soft comfortable glove with no compromise on space.
Optional carbon ceramic breaks and interwoven wheels allow for high performance as does its light-weight carbon fiber body.It delivers 600 horsepower with its 3.0-liter twin V6 engine and 9-speed dual clutch gearbox.

#5           Jaguar C-X75 concept car

This concept car is one of Jaguars most innovative designs ever.  A hybrid electrical eco-friendly sports car.  That not only delivers luxurious comfort and style but also has the speed one equates with the Jaguar sports car line.  This 2-seater beauty has a 1.6-litre gas engine with 500 horsepower making is live up to the Jaguar name and expectations.


There is nothing like flying down the motorway in a sleekly designed powerful car but the price of disobeying the speed limits could cost you your driver’s license so always keep a strict eye on your speed.  There are race tracks that offer people the use of them to enjoy the power of your car without the high penalty price tag or the possibility of causing a fatal collision.

5 New cars to be released in 2018

It’s like Christmas at the car dealerships

The beginning of every year brings excitement as new stock arrives be it clothes, shoes, new trends in the tech industry, etc.  But for car enthusiasts, it is the car dealership windows that they are watching out for.

5 New cars being released in 2018

#1           The 2018 Honda Accord

The 2018 Honda Accord was named the “2018 North American Car of the year” for the 3rd consecutive year.With its new Honda Sensing standard safety features the car can detect an impending collision, it has steering assist and land drift detection.It comes in either a 1.5L and 2.0L Turbocharged engines, this car is sleek fast and safe making driving a breeze in its comfortable elegance.

#2           The 2018 Lexus LS

The new Lexus LS makes a bold statement with its large front grill and sleek headlamps.
This low-slung sedan has a twin-turbo engine allowing the car to get from 0-60 mph in 4.6 seconds.
The interior as with the exterior of this car is sleek and elegant with unique wood trim dash designs customized to the owners choice.

#3           The 2018 Toyota Camry

The new Camry has sports side rocker panels with an integrated rear spoiler which enhances the cars performance and efficiency whilst giving this car a sporty look complimented by sleek LED headlights.The sporty design and feel of the car are carried in the cockpit with its red leather-trimmed seats and curved elegance of its dashboard.
The car comes equipped with a pedestrian detection pre-collision warning system and lane departure and steering assist.
The 2.5-liter 4-cylinder engine has an all improved V6 engine that is both powerful and fuel efficient.

#4           The 2018 Volkswagen Tiguan

The 2018 Tiguan has been completely revamped and is over ten inches longer than the original Tiguan.  With fully collapsible rear seats makes this cars cargo hold one for any occasion.  When the seats are up there is plenty of space for passengers with no compromise to that of the driver’s space.The cockpit comprises of all the modern hi-tech gadgets including a leather-wrapped multi-function heated steering wheel, with stereo control buttons.It has a fuel-efficient turbocharged engine and 8-speed automatic transmission.  This car is as easy to handle in the city as it is on the open road.

#5           The 2018 Chevrolet Equinox

The new Equinox has been completely restyled with its sleek two-tone interior fully equipped with all the mods cons, Wi-Fi and a lot of leg room to accommodate you and your passengers.  Plus, it has ample space boot space and signature LED daytime running lamps and its sleek new exterior this car truly stands out in a crowd.Its 1.6L Turbo Diesel engine and 10 active safety features make it a fun car to drive both in and out of the city.


As the car dealership windows proudly display their new models of vehicles it is most likely that car rental companies have their new stock on order too.  So get in touch with us as we may just have or be getting in the latest model of that car in the window with the shiny rims, sleek lines and cushy interior begging to be test driven!

Tour America in one of these RV’s, Campervans or Luxury Motor Coach

Travel America in an RV, Campervan or Luxury Motor Coach

There is no better way to see America or any country but by road.  You get to see amazing things along the way but there are times where there is nothing but long stretches of boring land.  For the driver, you have your hands full with the responsibility of getting to your destination safely but for any passengers, it gets to be a drag.  Especially if you had kids, that is when the fights start or grumbling and groaning.  But if you had a Campervan or RV the kids have a little more today and lots of entertainment to hand almost as if they had a mini house on wheels.

Campervans, RV’s and Luxury Motor Coach’s we can recommend

#1           The Winnebago Revel camper van
This camper comes fully equipped with a kitchen, wet bath and sleeps two. Its unique cassette style toilet eliminates the need for a black water holding tank.  The pull-up dinette table offers extra sleeping space.
The Revels chassis consists of the Mercedes-Benz 4×4 sprinter making it ideal for off road and on road adventures.It has a 3-litre turbo diesel engine and a high, low, hill descent mode offered by the on-demand four-wheel drive system and all-terrain tires.

#2           Marchi Mobile eleMMent Palazzo
It might come with a hefty price tag but this engineering marvel designed off features from yachts, air crafts and motor racing cars is one of, if not, the most luxurious and technologically advance motorhome on the planet. Its space-age features hold special features like the campers Sky lounge which has an automatic lift system that raises the deck fully equipped deck with specifically designed furnishings to offer a walled-in deck with panoramic views and the added bonus of floor heating for those colder nights.
It has all sorts of mod cons and luxuries in its interior such as 4-meter couch by the bar which holds a wine cabinet, ice maker and a large screen TV which reaches across the room.  The master bedroom holds a king-sized bed from the makers of beds that supply the British royal family and the room is totally private.
This vehicle has to be seen to be believed as it is the ultimate lap of travelling luxury and grace.

#3           The King Aire Luxury Motor Coach
Travel like the king of rock stars in this luxury coach with its elegant Ashford Exterior and exclusive “full-paint Masterpiece ®” finish that comes in four different color combinations.
It has top class safety features like electronic stability control, lane-drift warning, tire pressure monitoring and adaptive cruise control that has collision mitigation technology.
The luxurious interior is fit for a king and designed to be a fully functional home away from home on wheels.


When hitting the road in your campervan or RV always ensure that the places you are going to are booked in advance to avoid disappointment.  Take up-to-date maps and or ensure your GPS system has the latest downloads.  Always be courteous of other drivers on the road.
Whilst some states do not require non-commercial licenses for driving RV’s there are some states that do require this so always check before entering that state in an RV.

Find the fun of off-roading in one of America’s favorite 4×4 pick-up trucks.

Get your tires dirty

There is nothing like the feel of being behind the wheel of a high-performance vehicle as it eats up the motorway with effortless grace.  No denying the thrill one gets at feeling the raw power at your fingertips but if you want the ultimate in thrills and adrenaline pumping adventure you should try putting your driving skills to the test and get to do some off-road challenges.

Here are 5 of America’s favorite 4×4 pick-up trucks

#1           Ford Raptor
The Ford Raptor is a mixture of raw power and stealth where on-road it is a smooth enjoyable ride but off-road this bad boy comes alive with its twin-turbo, intercooled DOHC 24-valve and 3.5-liter EcoBoost engine.
The 450 horsepower and 510 lb-ft torque are complimented by the Raptors 3.” Fox racing shocks making both off-road and on-road experience a pleasurable one.
Its wide grill, Ford block letters and integrated marker lights gives this vehicle a unique rugged look while its comfortably roomy and modern interior keep its passengers safe and entertained.

#2           Chevrolet Colorado ZR2
The Colorado gives a smooth ride both on-road and off-road.  With its rugged good looks and 50 mm, front and rear lift, skid plates, rock sliders and off-road chassis and Multimatic DSSV shocks this 4×4 navigates all terrains with ease and power.

#3           Ram Rebel
Front its comfortable black rebel labelled seats designed to hug all the passenger’s contours for ultimate comfort whilst the interior console offers all the latest hi-tech gadgets.
The bold looks of the vehicle give it attitude to match its grit over all terrain and in any weather.

#4           GMC Canyon All-Terrain X
The GMC Canyon has a jet-black interior, with heated front leather seats and a unique console panel and heated steering wheel.
Its all-terrain package comes standard with decent control, all-terrain tires, transfer case shield and off-road suspension.The standard model comes equipped with a V6 eight-speed automatic transmission and 3.6-liter engine.

#5           Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro
With its multi-terrain select, skid plate, electronic locking rear diff and 9.4 inches ground height clearance this 4×4 can take you anywhere you want to go.The reviews of the pick-up complimented the vehicles multi-terrain selection modes and crawl control which when operable allows the driver to concentrate on the task of maneuvering.
For 4×4 newbies this is the perfect vehicle to start in.


Whilst you may be able to handle the road in your powerful 4×4 it is advisable that you take some time to learn about the capabilities of your vehicle.  There are places that offer off-road courses to help you become accustomed to your vehicle on their purpose built 4×4 tracks to help you master the required skills to take on the more challenging great outdoor adventures.
It is also advisable to pick a 4×4 that has options such as crawl control and or decent assist.  These allow the driver to concentrate on handling the road ahead whilst the vehicle assists with controlling the decent speeds.

10 Road safety rules in America that carry hefty penalties

Road safety rules

Road safety rules may have some annoying stipulations, but they are put in place to protect you and your family.  Although there are general rules that apply across America always check the road safety requirements, regulations and rules before travelling to another state as these may differ from the one you live in.

10 Road safety rules that apply across America

#1 Drive on the right-hand side of the road

In America we drive on the right-hand side of the road, therefore the steering wheel of the car is on the right-hand side of the vehicle.

#2 White lines and Yellow lines

The white lines on the road are there to separate the traffic that is moving in the same direction.
The yellow lines on the road are to separate traffic moving in opposite directions.  Never cross into a lane separated by a solid yellow line, this is also very important in a place like Dubai (learn more: http://www.apexluxurycarhire.com/car-rental-locations/united-arab-emirates/city-of-dubai/).  If the yellow line is broken you may cross into the oncoming lane with caution and be aware of traffic coming towards you.

#3 School Buses

School buses always have the right of way and if they have red flashing lights you may not overtake them until the lights have stopped flashing.  If the bus is stopped to drop off children, you must wait for the buses stop sign to go down before continuing past it.

#4 Pedestrians

As pedestrians always have the right away, you must come to a complete stop should someone be crossing the road in front of you until they are clear of your lane.

#5 Car Horns

Car horns are a source of road rage as no-one wants to hear you blaring your hooter at them.  So, try and use it with caution and only when necessary.

#7 Safety Belts

A safety belt must be worn at all times whilst travelling in a vehicle.  Not only are you endangering your life if you do not wear one, but you could be endangering others as well, especially if you are in the back seat.  Babies and children under a certain age and or height must be properly and safely strapped into car seats or booster seats.

#8 Alcohol vs Driving
There is a certain threshold at which it is deemed safe to drive after having a drink but it is advisable not to drive at all while under the influence of alcohol. If you plan to rent a Mini Cooper in Dubai or any other car there, it is strictly forbidden to drink alcohol in public.

#9 Headlights and Turning signals

Always use your turn signals to indicate which way you are going.
In certain weather and at night you should ensure your headlights are on.

#10 Mobile Phones

Texting while driving is illegal as is the use of any handheld device it is always advisable to check the rules and regulations for use of mobile devices before travelling to your destination.  As they are deemed a distraction you should refrain from using them at all whilst driving.


Not obeying the traffic rules can lead to heavy penalties, loss of your driver license and even jail time.
Always ensure you know and understand the road safety rules whatever state, county or country you may be in.

Top 5 SUV’s made in America

There is no better way to travel with a family than in an SUV

SUV’s, crossover and even 4×4’s has become popular family cars and a lot of the most popular ones on the market are actually made right here in America.

5 Popular SUV’s made in America

#1 The Cadillac Escalade

The Escalade won “Best Luxury Large SUV for Families” in 2017.This SUV has Magnetic Ride Control that adjusts the suspension to the road conditions.
The V8 6.2-liter engine is capable of producing 420 horsepower and can seat up to 7 in its upper luxurious interior designed for the utmost comfort and stocked with all the latest hi-tech gadgets.

#2 The Chevrolet Tahoe

The Chevrolet Tahoe won the “Best Large SUV for Families” award in 2017.
This large family sized SUV can seat up to 9 people, although the last row of seats is better suited for smaller sized people as it is quite a tight squeeze.

It comes fully equipped with all the driver assist packages along with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay.  This SUV is also great for those teen learner drivers as it has an electronic report card (Teen driver system) that assesses how a driver is doing behind the wheel.This SUV is at home on any terrain and weather as well having the excellent towing power that when equipped correctly can tow up to 8600 pounds.

#3 The Tesla Model X

The Tesla Model X is one of the quickest SUV’s on the market and also one of the most technologically advanced vehicles on the road today.It is a complete electrical SUV that can seat seven with the two backdoors of the car opening upwards.

Reaching 0-60 mph in 2.9 seconds for its model P100D and the battery lasts for 295 miles on a single charge. It has a 5-star safety rating with a compact design and spacious interior making a great family car.

#4 The Honda CR-V

The Honda CR-V won awards for “Best Compact SUV for Families” and “Best Compact SUV for the Money” in 2017.
The SUV comes complete with Honda’s active safety features, driver assists, lane keeping assist, automatic emergency braking system and adaptive cruise control.The vehicle was completely redesigned in 2017 and now boasts a luxury spacious interior with a chiseled streamlined exterior.

#5 The Ford Escape

One of the most popular suvs with its compact design, 5-star safety rating.

It comes equipped with advanced technology such as lane-drift alert, parking assist, blind spot alert and hands-free, foot operated liftgate for the rear door.
It comes with the option of three different EcoBoost engine types for fuel efficiency and lower emissions.
The interior is spacious and comes decked out with Fords SYNC 3 infotainments system that supports Android Auto and Apple CarPlay


There are many more SUV’s to choose from today the best way to find your perfect fit if you are looking to buy one is to rent one for a few days.  Go on a trip with the family and get a feel for if the vehicle will work for yours and your family’s needs.